Prismatic Non-Slip Tray - Pink/Orange

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When our parent firm, Rios Clementi Hale Studios, participated in a Paper Yacht Challenge sponsored by the Port of Los Angeles, there was no shortage of great designs swirling about the office. None captured our imagination quite so much as a multicolored geodesic-dome-shaped boat. The team created a whimsically colored, multifaceted orb that caught the wind and everyone’s attention as it floated brightly across the surface of the water. We were also enthralled with the elegant tonal variations in the orb's repeating pattern of triangles and diamonds. We laid the pattern flat and laminated it onto the surface of serving trays.

Available in two color options: pink/orange and blue/green.

• Non-slip surface
• Laminated paper and melamine
• BPA-free
• Hand-wash
• Designed in Los Angeles; made in Turkey

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