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About Us

Our Story

Founded in 2001, notNeutral was born out of the idea that architecture is more than just a building; it is everything in the designed environment. As the design-child of Rios Clementi Hale Studios, notNeutral was a way for our award-winning transdisciplinary design firm to expand its horizons. We believe that there are many stories to be told in our designs, and we tell them by creating objects that become a part of your daily rituals. From your morning coffee to your evening tea, notNeutral is there. Our belief is that in every individual design there’s a unique experience waiting for you.

Our Approach

It's all about the experience. notNeutral takes a broad view of the design process, thinking about how people will feel when they use our products. New products are conceived out of holistic group collaboration. Once the idea for a new product is born (whether through self-generation or consumer demand), we develop its design thinking about four specific criteria: function, inter-object relatability, character, and culture. A product’s ability to maintain a unique sense of character and relatability, while functioning well in its role, is paramount when it comes to design. That’s what we at notNeutral strive for—product design that is culturally iconic.

Our Team

Our team here at notNeutral is small, but mighty! We are an ensemble of creative minds and thought leaders brought together with the common passion to bring you the very best in tabletop products. From architecture to economics to music, our diverse backgrounds contribute to our holistic design process and unique approach to developing iconic products.

Jessamyn Davis, CFO

Jessamyn combines her experience building infrastructure in entrepreneurial companies like ours with her passion for design to make strategic decisions for the growth of notNeutral.

Clancy Pearson, Lead Designer

In addition to serving as an active product designer, Clancy is our director of design technology, constantly informing and teaching us the emerging technologies that allow us to visualize our ideas.

Adam Pierce, Director of Operations

As our operations director, Adam employs his fine organizational skills and disarming sense of humor to keep our entire operation running smoothly.

Hannah Block, Brand Manager

Having previously worked in technology sales and as a barista, taking the lead as brand manager was a no-brainer, and Hannah has proven to be a tremendous asset to the growth of notNeutral.

Tedd Buffa, Sales/Operations

Tedd always surrounds himself with creative people, and his time with notNeutral is no exception. He enjoys working in a place that nurtures his soul and cultivates his artistic spirit.

Orlando Pina, Shipping Manager

As our shipping manager, Orlando keeps track of all of our inventory, ensures we have enough product in stock, and processes and securely ships each of our individual pieces to customers.

Treati Yazdani, Designer

Treati originally joined us as an intern in 2017, but quickly became a vital member of our product design and graphic design teams.  Treati uses her background in ceramics manufacturing and zeal for materials to inform her thinking.


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