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notNeutral was founded in 2001 by the award-winning multidisciplinary design firm RIOS. We are driven by a passion for great product design, and the belief that architecture is more than just a building: it’s everything in the designed environment.

We entered the world of specialty coffee after collaborating with world- champion baristas (yes, that’s a thing) to design the perfect cups for an increasingly sophisticated craft. Driven by the success of our iconic “Lino” collection, we’ve made it our mission to continue creating extraordinary products for specialty coffee and hospitality industries, informed by research, testing, and rigorous design.

Our Approach

At notNeutral, our design approach is centered on our customers and the industry we serve. We consider how to make ordinary objects easier to use, more beautiful, and more effortlessly integrated into people’s daily lives. We use cutting-edge technology to design and prototype our products, and we partner with industry professionals to test (and re-test!) to ensure their performance meets the highest standards.

Our Team

Our team here at notNeutral is small, but mighty! With diverse backgrounds in architecture, ceramics, economics, coffee, and music, we contribute holistically to our design process and bringing our products to market.

Jessamyn Davis, CFO

Jessamyn combines her experience building infrastructure in entrepreneurial companies like ours with her passion for design to make strategic decisions for the growth of notNeutral.

Sebastian Salvadó, Creative Director

Sebastian brings a wide range of design experience and leadership to notNeutral, having directed some of the most prominent projects at RIOS.

Adam Pierce, Chief Operating Officer

As our COO, Adam employs his fine organizational skills and disarming sense of humor to keep our entire operation running smoothly.

Hannah Block, Brand Manager

Having previously worked in technology and in specialty coffee, Hannah has taken the lead as our Brand Manager and has been a tremendous asset to the growth of notNeutral.

Orlando Pina, Shipping Manager

As our shipping manager, Orlando keeps track of all of our inventory, ensures we have enough product in stock, and processes and securely ships each of our individual pieces to customers.

Danny George, National Sales Manager

Danny joined our team with years of experience in sales support, specialty coffee, and hospitality. He plays a critical role in keeping our sales efforts organized, and our customers happy.


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