Lino Creamer

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Our most popular collection of coffeeware, LINO was designed for the professional barista.  The LINO creamer shares the subtle ergonomic and biomorphic qualities of the cups.

notNeutral collaborated with award-winning baristas to create the perfect cups for specialty coffee. Well regarded for its meticulous design and iconic shape, the LINO collection quickly gained a global following among coffee aficionados and baristas alike. The interior curvature of each cup is optimized for latte art and thermal insulation, and the handle, flush with the rim of the cup, ensures comfort and control for barista and drinker alike. 

While the creamer serves a different function and has a personality all its own, its form nevertheless marks it as a member of the family.  Echoing the pulled character of the handles, the spout of the creamer is a fluid extension of the vessel's body.  The creamer sits alongside the LINO coffee mug like a loyal friend.

3 oz creamer
• Fine porcelain
• Dishwasher- and microwave-safe
• Volume: 3 oz. (89 ml)
• 3.0” H x 2.75” W

1 oz creamer
• Fine porcelain
• Dishwasher- and microwave-safe
• Volume: 1 oz. (30 ml)
• 2.0” H x 2.125” W

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Lino Creamer
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