This contemporary birdhouse was designed for an auction to benefit the Audubon Society. The concept was to create a work of art that a bird might inhabit. The base for the design was our Prismatic pattern—a pattern that has been adapted for varying scales, including notNeutral serving trays, silk scarves, note cards, and a wall mural.  

We worked closely with Machine Histories to fabricate an extruded, three-dimensional version of the Prismatic pattern. We chose a back-painted, vacuum-formed PETG shell for the faceted surface and an MDF frame to float it off the wall. The final product is the culmination of the Prismatic pattern, succeeding both as art for humans and architecture for birds.

• 48" x 28" x 6"
• Vacuum-formed PETG shell
• MDF frame
• Made-to-order in Southern California

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