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City Plate - San Francisco

Part of the sixth collection of City Plates. This Collection honors the American Dream.


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Collection # 6

The sixth series of cities is presented on a white background with the addition of topographic details delineated in taupe. Each of the cities in the series - Boston, San Francisco, Hollywood, Palm Springs - has inspired the spirit of the American Dream. Whether it was freedom from religious persecution, the promise of fortune and fame, or the desire for a golden age of leisure, that instigated the proliferation of these four cities in particular, they are all landmarks -historically and architecturally- that represent the persistence of a national ethos that is full of ambition and optimism.

San Francisco - The California Gold Rush put San Francisco on the map for tens of thousands of Americans and immigrants from around the world who were in search of buried treasure. What was once a small settlement became a boomtown connected to the rest of world by sea and rail. The pioneering and entrepreneurial outlook that helped San Francisco recover from the devastating earthquake and fire of 1906 is a quality that is still palpable in the city today.

These porcelain plates measure 12” across. Key buildings are represented with persimmon icons, while bodies of water and public spaces are shown in blue and green. Each plate is boxed and includes a key to the buildings and spaces included on the plate.

• 12" diameter
• Dishwasher safe
• Boxed with Printed Key

City Plate - San Francisco

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